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Our Story

At Brant Financial Group, we strive to deliver long-term value to our clients. As a team of dedicated professionals, we are passionate about improving the financial health of everyone we work with. Planning for the future is crucial. Going about it the right way makes all the difference and we want to be there for you every step of the way.

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Helping Canadians

We have been helping Canadians reach their financial goals for years with our unique client-focused approach to wealth management.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We have always been driven by client satisfaction.  We are committed to doing what’s right for you.

Pro-active Approach

We stay in touch, even during times of market turbulence and keep you informed of how your decisions impact you both today and in the long run.

Why Use an Advisor?


Discover how Assante makes a difference for you

When you choose an Assante Wealth Management advisor, you are joining a national success story.

Established in 1995, Assante has since become one of the largest wealth management firms in Canada, supporting over 830 advisors who oversee approximately $44 billion in assets as of March 31, 2020..

In 2003, Assante was purchased by CI Financial Corp. a diversified wealth management firm and and one of the top three firms in the industry – bringing additional financial strength and resources to the Assante organization. Since becoming a public company in 1994, CI has been one of the best-performing securities on the S&P/TSX Composite Index.

With access to a wealth of tools and resources, you will be supported by an exceptional investment management team and wealth planning group available through our sister company, CI Investments Inc., and Assante Private Client, a division of CI Private Counsel LP.

We will partner with you to tailor a strategy that meets your needs that both simplifies and enhances your financial well-being.

Fee-based benefits
and why it matters.

Even when advisors are working with the best intentions and their client’s best interest at heart, commission structures create a conflict of interest. At Brant Financial Group, we believe in providing fee-based services. Some advantages you can expect working with fee-based advisors are efficiancy, lower fees, and transparency.

Our first priority is being honest and transparent with our clients. We are always on your side and want to see our clients succeed.

Our fee structure is simple and transparent. All costs are reported to you – no hidden fees.

Brant Financial Group believes fees should be transparent. Upon opening your account, you decide up front what the fee structure will look like with your advisor.

The advantages are clear

Growing your assets securely is one of our key priorities. It goes hand in hand with our mission – to help create wealth and prosperity for Canadian families.
You can feel secure knowing that your financial needs are being looked after by an Assante advisor.

See our core values

Our core values of integrity, passion and professionalism drive our business. It's through our all-encompassing approach, which offers a comprehensive and integrated range of services.  To find out more about Assante Wealth Management, please visit our public website Assante Wealth Management.